"Meditation is a simple way to balance states of mind through proper concentration and awareness"

It is considered one of the higher practices of yoga to re-establish the mind in its pure nature. Several philosophies and techniques found meditation as a way of self realization and enlightenment. Meditation is all about the harmony of mind that brings a person into unity and tranquility. When mind is peaceful, calm and free from all obstacles, then meditation takes place.

According to yoga meditation is defined as "तत्र प्रत्ययैकतानता ध्यानम्" which means “Once concentration is transferred to the oneness to attain the contemplation is known as meditation.” The term meditation refers to a variety of practices that involves various techniques to promote peace of mind, stillness and attaining a state of true consciousness.

Types of Meditation

01. Transcendental Meditation
02. Preksha Meditation
03. Blissful Meditation
04. Cyclic Meditation
05. Mindfulness Meditation
06. Vipashyana Meditation
07. Mantras Meditation
08. Sahaj Meditation
09. Sahaj Meditation
10. Zen Meditation
11. Buddhist Meditation
12. Taoist Meditation
13. Guided Meditation
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Patanjali's yoga is considered as classical and traditional yoga which is also most authentic and systematic form of yoga science. Patanjali has classified 8 limbs of yoga which is popularized as Astang Yoga.

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