Ganga Cleaning

The goddess Ganga

The goddess Ganga incarnated from the heaven to purify earth and its imperfections. The Indian scriptures have mentioned Ganga as one of the most holy river of the planet earth. According to Puranas, Ganga is considered the holiest place for worshiping and water of Ganga is used for offerings to the deities and purification of body, mind and soul. Hindus have belief that taking bath into Ganga helps them to get rid of all the sins.

Geographically, the Ganga is a most important River of the Indian subcontinent, it’s flowing about 2,510 km through the Indian states of Uttrakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal and in central Bangladesh.

Our team found that people are spoiling Ganga by the sewage and industrial effluents. The pollution of Ganga was attributed to the faith of millions who believe that the Ganga is mother, and Goddess who has the infinite power to wash the sins of the people. However, The Namo Gange Trust is firmly determined to save river Ganga which is one of the ancient heritage of India. Namo Gange Trust decided to think globally and act locally while launching its Aviral Ganga Mission. We are reaching to the different sections of the societies, communities, schools and industries to discuss the issues of Ganga.

Aviral Ganga Mission

Namo Gange Trust is approaching to the maximum number of people through Workshops, Public Meetings, Debates, Bhagwat Katha and Social Services to Clean Ganga and save the Ecological System.
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We are also bringing awareness through possible actions as a part our duty to free Ganga from Pollution, Sewage, Industrial Pollution and Garbage. The Namo Gange Trust is approaching to the maximum number of people through community based Workshops, Public Meetings, Debates, and Social Gatherings. Our dream is to protect the life of Ganga which takes care of million people. It is also a dream to protect a culture and tradition which has deep roots several thousand years.

The Government of India and many organization also coming forward to clean up River Ganga. It is being stated that cleaning up the holy river of India was a dream project of former Indian Prime Minister Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee. However, people of India are expecting a bill at the LokSabha to interlink and clean the holy river Ganga soon.

The Causes of Pollution

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Industrial Wastes
Religious and Social events
Dams and pumping stations
Agricultural runoff and improper agricultural practices
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The Solution

The main causes of Ganga pollution are the increase in the population density, the enhanced per capita pollutants discharged to the river and the meagre dry season water flows in the river due to upstream uses.

As part of NAMO GANGE TRUST Campaign, Making aims to reduce the amount of pollution in the environment by raising awareness about the true extent of Ganga pollution and its impacts.

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