Yoga is Good for Social Functioning

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Most of the times we are carrying our burdens around in our heads; we are simply not able to shut out our family and work place related problems. While at office we keep thinking about our family problems and while at home we take the office problems along with ourselves. All this affects the way we interact with people around us, we are not able to gel in our surrounding as mentally we are stressed and unavailable to the people around us. We simply stop enjoying the company of friends and family and start missing out on the small joys of life. Gradually seeing our constant unavailability towards people, they also start keeping distance from us and when we see people shying away from us we feel even more depressed. We become entrapped in an endless loop not knowing the way out of it.

Yoga is the way we can control the way we think and not let the way problems govern our lives. We are constantly making efforts in every direction though still no heading towards our goal. The main problem with all of us is that we are not doing that we exactly should do in our lives; instead we get over powered with anger, anxiety, frustration, fear, stress etc. The inability to control our mind leads towards inability to control our life. People around us throw situations in our direction and mind is such a powerful tool through which we can control any kind of situation and if mind is not trained it cannot manage the situation efficiently and cause misery. So we should train our mind so that we are able to shut out problems when we need to.

A well trained mind is like a “Kalp- vriksha” that can deliver you anything you wish for. An organized mind helps you synchronize your mind, body and efforts in a coherent direction. An unorganized mind switches directions now and then and we are unable to focus on anything. While with Yoga we learn to train our mind not to think about the problems when they are not needed to be worried about. We can train our mind to focus on the present scenario let it family, friends or the work place; this way we are able to deliver our best to all of them.

We humans are basically social animals and having a social life is quite essential for our mental and emotional health as we depend on each other for survival. Any kind of social isolation can have a negative effect on our mental health. For our own survival we need to remain connected with the community around us and keep in touch with family and friends through phone calls and visits. Exposing yourself to people helps develop relationship with them as people coming from different backgrounds will teach you more about life than books.


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