On the Ganga trail: Destinations in India to witness the river at its best

Ganga has been the most important river for India. Here are a few places across the country that let you witness the river at its best. The mention of River Ganga fills every Indian with pride. It's not just any random river -- it is often considered to be the lifeline of our nation. A river that acts as a source of water for numerous towns and cities, a river that sustains a major part of the country's wildlife population, a river that has tremendous amounts of religious sentiments attached to it, and a river that carries centuries of historical memories. The river is considered pure in spite of the impurities and human waste that go into it on a regular basis. The faith attached to its purity is not only because of its religious significance. Scientists believe that River Ganga is home to a unique kind of bacteria that survives only on waste, thus cleansing the water on a constant basis. Right from its source at Gangotri glacier, the river makes an incredible journey through the heart of India. For the travellers, the river offers stunning views and several opportunities to experience traditional Indian festivals that are held at its banks. Let's take a look at five destinations in the country that let you witness River Ganga at its best. Varanasi Previously known as Kashi, Varanasi is the oldest continually inhabited city in the world. Being a city that has deep attachment to ancient Hindu sentiments, it lets a traveller witness River Ganga at its best. While on one hand there are beautiful ghats with stunning views on offer, there are temples, priests and several other glimpses that will remind a traveller of India's age-old religious sentiments. In order to explore the true beauty of the river, a boat ride is highly recommended. Kolkata Kolkata, the City of Joy, is almost synonymous to River Ganga. It is believed that the city came up only because a sizeable population could survive on the water supplied by this river. Besides, be it the Hooghly Bridge, the Howrah Bridge or the famous Princep Ghat, we associate most beautiful places of this city to a river bank. Remember the famous film songs, including Chingaari from Amar Prem or Piyu Bole from Parineeta, that have showed a boat making its way through the waters below the picturesque Howrah Bridge? This boat ride is a must if a traveller wants to experience Ganga's true beauty in Kolkata. Allahabad The river bank in India's Allahabad district lets a traveller experience Ganga in one of the most interesting ways. The Kumbh Mela held at this place lets you witness a religious and socio-cultural amalgamation of massive proportions as thousands of Hindu devotees, priests, sadhus and tourists flock to this place just to take a dip in the holy water. It is considered to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience by many and is a favourite festival among travel photographers.


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