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Ancient India believed in the quality of thoughts and purity of mind as well as soul. The society was rich and enhanced at spiritual level and people wanted to find out the reason and goal behind getting the life in human form. According to them the first and foremost goal should be to live life and then perform the duties that come with the human life. Keeping these things in their mind and with the help of their spiritual wisdom they established the values in our society. Beneficial to all they are still prevalent in our society though somehow under the influence of western culture are being nearly forgotten by the younger generation and we are not sure if they will continue in the coming times.

Namo Gange Trust believes that these ancient Indian values can benefit all irrespective of their age, origin, orientation, belief and bring people out of contaminations and gibberish of modern times. In modern times people are living complex lifestyles which has lead people to lose their peace of mind and become victim of health disorders.

A gift from ancient Indians ‘yoga and meditation’ help you discover yourself in a way that you can never be lost in this world again. It not only helps you protect against illnesses but also helps you simplify your life and gives you spiritual liberation.

Our body is the only place we live in!!!!Hence take care of your body, clean your mind and purify your soul. Be ready to fight fatigue, disorders and illnesses and not allow them to feed on you.

Ayurveda is the science of life and longevity which comes as the result of the wisdom of ancient Indians. It is the sister philosophy of yoga and they altogether help to cleanse our tissues, organ and mind. If we eat according to our mind-body constitution then we will always remain healthy and will not be slaves of unnecessary medication.

The more the people allow Yoga and Ayurveda to be a part of their life the easier will it be for them to live life. Namo Gange Trust is all set to re-establish these and many other Indian values that can be useful for everyone in this life as well as afterlife.


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