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In the time of this “kalyug” where water is as precious as petrol, where holy river Ganga is facing severe shortcomings and taking huge burden of pollution on her shoulder, where ground water levels are dropping at alarming levels, where the stress levels and mental anxieties of a normal human being are at its peak, where the respect towards women are shattering and female feticide are increasing.

Our countryrequires no other than a miracle to survive. In this time period of “kalyug” one such miracle was performed in the year of 2015 when His Holiness “Acharya Jagdish Ji Maharaj” formed Namo Gange Trust.

We are a non‐profit organization directed and managed by a team of dynamic and dedicated enthusiastic devotees with the support of the trustees, committee members, professional staff and committed volunteers

Following are our core Initiatives at Namo Gange Trust:

  1. Swachh Ganga-Nirmal Ganga– with an aim of clean and Nirmal Ganga mission in our mind and heart,we resolute to make Ganga pollution free again. We spread awareness by approaching to the maximum number of people through community based workshops, public meetings, debates, and social gatherings to not to pollute this holy river.
  2. Yoga- with the help of theyogshala we aim to reduce the mental stress and anxiety levels of normal human being through our yoga centres providing wide range of yoga retreats and high profile yoga sessions at Delhi NCR and many more soon to open all over India- and treatment of other common diseases like Blood pressure, sugar, back pains, body fatigue, obesity, thyroid etc.
  3. TheYogshala Expo- through our expo we aim to promote our country’s ancestral and traditional diseases treatment processes like Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Siddha, Panchkarma, Homeopathy and Naturopathy. We want to make this world drugs free. We also firmly believe in cruelty free world for which we are promoting organic food & organic clothing through our exhibitions.
  4. Meri Beti Mera Abhimaan- we through our “meribetimeraabhimaan” mission aims to promote causes like gender equality, women empowerment, saving girl child, stopping female feticide and betibachaobetipadhaoabhiyan through various digital media campaigns, social awareness programs, content distribution channels and large scale knowledge events.


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