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The River Ganga is a spiritual stream. It is an image of India's trust legacy. It speaks to the 5,000-year-old human advancement of India. It supports almost 33% of the nation's population. The water of the Ganga is accepted to contain inexplicable properties of filtering the spirit and reposses the body. It is protected for quite a while.

In spite of the fact that the Ganga is viewed as a blessed waterway, it is not free from contamination. Upwards of 27 substantial urban communities and more than 300 industrial units let their untreated squanders into the Ganga. Since an extensive number of pioneers and faithful devotees bathe in the Ganga and utilize its water for drinking purposes, they get to be distinctly inclined to water-borne sicknesses like cholera, typhoid, jaundice, and so forth.

Now the situation has come up that the Ganga River is a standout amongst the dirtiestwaterways on the planet, yet it is utilized by 500 million individuals for household, modern,and rural purposes. Without appropriate waste administration systems, the waste created from tenants and nearby enterprises has been thrown specifically into the waterway, bringing about vigorously contaminated waters. Individuals are utilizing this debased water out of need and it is making many experience intestinal illnesses that can prompt passing if untreated. The contamination has brought about less broken down oxygen to be accessible for sea-going life, bringing about a reduction of some rare plant and creature species.

As a major aspect of NAMO GANGE TRUST, “Making the change” in the society to us, means to decrease the measure of contamination in holy river and making it pollution free ganga by bringing issues into lightabout the genuine degree of contamination in river ganga and its affects specially to young and enthusiastic generationthrough various digital media campaigns, social awareness programmes and various large scale knowledge events.

Our main goal is to secure and protect a standout amongst the most antiquated legacies of Indian culture and human progress by clean up “River Ganga”. The holy river Ganga clean-up is a prior concern to us and in addition to that we make sure that the society get equality of access by offering dedicated time and initiatives.


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