Karma Yoga - Yoga of Action

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The secret of Karma Yoga which is to perform actions without any fruititive desires is taught by Lord Krishna in Bhagwat Geeta. ~ Swami Vivekanand

Karma yoga means the ‘Yoga of action’ the way a person should think, act and desire in accordance with his dharma (duties). A spiritual seeker is the one for whom spirituality is not a escape or refuge instead a selfless means to accomplish its duties.

Karma Yoga is, performing one’s duties without getting attached with the fruits of the outcome. The tendency of human beings to have attachment towards ‘reward’ from any action is termed as ‘fruititive desires’ implying gain of name, fame, money, applause etc in return of doing any action.

By practicing ‘Karma Yoga’ a person does selfless actions and service without seeking any selfish returns. A ‘Karma Yogi’ provides his best offering to the world and finds himself in unison with humanity and a step closer towards God.

In brief Karma Yoga is the way to self purification and self development.


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