International Yoga Day venue to ban cell-phones but have a Selfie Zone specially for Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is especially fond of selfies and that is no secret. however, looks like his love for selfies has extended far beyond the social-media pleasing. Wherever Modi goes, follows a throng of people begging for a selfie and most often than not, he readily complies. There are a few rare times when he does refuse but they are seriously very rare (like the one in the pic above). Thanks to all his selfie craziness, Modi has pictures not only with all the world leaders and celebrities but also with the commoners and the aam junta. Whatever on might say of his selfie narcissistic mode, the one thing you cannot deny is his presence and his determination. Last year, Modi commenced the first ever International Yoga Day and a Yoga event inviting all Indians and also people from other countries wishing to participate and practise Yoga at the event. This year too the event for International Yoga Day is organised on June 21st in Northern India. While Narendra Modi will attend the Capitol Complex venue, there are multiple other venues spread out all across India where people can participate. The registrations have already begun and so far, there have been around 400 participants registering daily. Nearly 30,000 participants have registered at the main venue while over 70,000 participants have registered at the other 200 venues spread over India. While last year, there were strict rules for Internal Yoga Day participants, the rules this time around are stronger. There will be absolutely no smartphones allowed at the venue. However, there are special selfie zones created for participants where they can go and take selfies. But how, you ask? The zones are equipped with state of the art cameras that will help you click your selfie! So then, while phones are a no no, you can be sure you will lots of photos in all the poses you want! However, the photo booths are only in the entry and exit areas, which means you cannot take your selfie as and when you please. You have to stick to the timings and the guidelines even for selfies. The training for the big day is set to commence soon and all the biggest Yoga institutions from India are a part of it. Well Modiji, we do hope you are able to click some fun selfies on International Yoga Day!


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