Ganga Pollution and Its Effect on Aquatic Lives and Animals

Ganga Cleaning, Namo Gange Trust,

Ganga starts unpolluted high from Himalayas and as it descends and comes in touch with human life it starts getting polluted with every mile it covers. Ganga is considered to be the holiest of all the rivers and we Indians are blessed to have such natural sources of pure water which support the human life in northern plains. Our ancestors have worshipped Ganga as Goddess in the form of a holy mother as it is the supporter of life for all of us even now days. We depend for potable water, irrigation, electricity production, transportation and many other things.

Ganga with its tributaries Yamuna, Chambal, Ghaghra, Gandak, Kosi, Son, Mahananda, Damodar etc covers a land of 390,000 miles and supports all life forms that live along it, civilizations have flourished only next to rivers.

Even though we consider Ganga as pious and revere her like mother still we have not been able to maintain its purity and have made Ganga unclean with human activities like disposing untreated sewers, industrial and agricultural wastes, domestic wastes, plastic bags and with other such unhygienic activities. Ganga pollution has adversely affected not only the aquatic life but also the lives of humans and other animals. Many stretches of Ganga have become so polluted that its water is not even fit for bathing, even the fishes found in these water resources are unhealthy and not suitable for human consumption. The holy river Ganga supports many forms of birds and animal lives as well so if the river dies a huge range of species that only associate with Ganga will lead towards extinction as well. The ecological balance and the related biodiversity will be badly affected causing an irreparable damage to the environment.

We should not dispose of any kind of filth into the river, sewages not at any cost, return back to organic methods of farming as artificial fertilizers pollute our water sources, dump no plastic bags as well ban all the religious practices and dumping of religious wastes and half burnt corpses into the holy river.

We know that government is trying its best to clean up Ganga but it is our collective responsibility as well that we should also refrain from polluting it, show some regard towards the river and spread some awareness among others about keeping the river clean so that the Ganga can become the holiest river once again.


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