Eco Friendly Statues : A Step Towards Saving Our Water Resources

Ganga Cleaning, Namo Gange Trust,

During ‘Dussehra’ and ‘Durga Puja’ festivals the idols are worshipped in every locality and at the end of the day we submerge the statues in flowing water and say adieu to our beloved deities and request them to come again next year. It is believe that the divinity generated in these idols during the puja purifies the water resources. Earlier this belief could have been true because in those times due to lesser population there were limited numbers of idols being immersed in water bodies although with over powering population density the number of idols that are immersed in either sea, rivers, ponds or any other water bodies have increased immensely and are contaminating it badly. The water resources are limited and immersing too many idols has become nearly impossible. Nowadays they are not even submerged properly and are left here and there around the water bodies to be cleared up by the cleaning staff later on . Does this kind of  “Visarjan’ going to please any God? Doesn’t seems like!!!

As per Hindu beliefs these worshipped idols can neither be donated nor kept at home as it is supposed to be a bad omen. Usually they are immersed in water bodies although with growing numbers of Ganesha/ Durga idols, the water bodies are simply unable to fit them all. With the idols, flowers as well as the other things like ‘Puja Samagri’ are also submerged that totally damages the flora and fauna and aquatic life of the particular water reservoir and causing a huge imbalance in the eco system.

A bunch of people who have been passionate towards saving the environment, have come forward  with new and innovative ideas of “Eco friendly statues” for immersion purposes which you won’t need to take to the sea, river, pond or any other external water reservoir. You can simply do it at home. These “Eco friendly statues” are the need of the hour if we want to save the ecosystems that exist inside the water reservoirs.

A few people had come up with the idea of doing “Dispersion purpose statues” in chocolates and then for dispersion dissolve them into milk and distribute it among poor children. Another idea was to make the dispersion statue in clay with seeds of good herbs inside and then later on after ‘Puja’ put it inside a pot and water it. The idol would be dissolved and the clay would allow seeds to germinate and grow into fresh green herbs. These are indeed valuable ideas to prevent the water reservoirs(eg., our heritage Ganga)  as water is a precious resource. With growing population pressure we need to think about it very carefully as natural resources are limited and we cannot create them artificially.

 It would be much better if we take it seriously enough to meet the current and future demand of water and protect natural sources of water from water loss as well as damage to water quality. Any kind of contamination to our ground water resources takes many years to replenish.


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