Cleaning of the Ganga now made an all-participatory move

Varanasi: The responsibility to keep the Ganga and its ghats clean has now be made an all-participatory move. Every evening at the time of Ganga arti, people present there take an oath that they will never litter the river and the ghats and keep the surroundings free from filth and garbage.

A social organisation, which looks after the cleanliness at ghats, has taken this step to help people realize that it is the duty of everyone to make the river clean.

A student of Banaras Hindu University said that this is indeed a wonderful move to make people aware of their moral responsibilities. Another visitor said, "I am a regular visitor and I am very much attached to Maa Ganga. She has been nurturing our beliefs and tradition since ages. I am pleased that the move would make people realize their folly."

A local resident said that ghats are a place for rejuvenation. Serenity of Maa Ganga and the adherence of the people towards culture and traditions are remarkable. "I feel that the initiative taken up by these people is laudable. Effort of every individual will bring the desired a change."


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